Listen up! Ears of corn aplenty at the market this weekend!

dear shoppers, There’s an old New England saying that goes: “You can stroll into the garden to cut the corn but you darn well better run back to the kitchen to cook it.” That’s because as soon as an ear of corn is picked, its sweet sugars immediately start their gradual conversion to starch. There’s noContinue Reading

Pardon our construction!

dear shoppers, In case you haven’t heard, our already beautiful Library is expanding. For the next few weeks this will impact the layout of our market.  You will find cement diggers, for example, where the Orchards of Concklin usually sets up shop. But, worry not, they will be right across the way, right next toContinue Reading

Seeing red: Rainier Cherries and Fire Cider!

dear shoppers, ‘Tis the season for Rainier cherries, which were, indeed named after Mount Rainier and are a sunny cross between the Bing and Van varieties. Developed in the 1950s  for Washington State University’s breeding program, Rainiers were introduced to the public in 1960 and were an instant hit due to their extra sweet yellowContinue Reading

Bring a peach to the beach…

dear shoppers, We’ve hit summer’s sweet spot: the fuzzy, juicy peach has arrived — king of the stone fruit. When I was a kid I’d have to peel peaches for my dad who was allergic to their skin but couldn’t resist their sweet flesh. My sister and I would squabble over the peach peeling privilege.Continue Reading

Bye bye strawberries and rhubarb – HELLO ARTICHOKES & RASPBERRIES!

dear shoppers, There are many perks to being a volunteer at the farmer’s market. One of them is being among the first to see what the farmers are harvesting week to week. This Saturday, for instance, if you were helping to unload the vendors bright and early, you would be treated to the first blushingContinue Reading

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