Celebrate moms (and mother figures) with good grub (and other gifts) from the farmer’s market!

dear shoppers, Most of you know that I’m a sucker for a good tag sale. I like going to them and I like hosting them. I like seeing some of my favorite “objets” – be it a vintage bag or an old vinyl suitcase – get a new lease on life. I especially love it whenContinue Reading

RAMPING it up!

dear shoppers, If you haven’t been foraging in Rivertowns woods and ravines for garlicky wild ramps this week,  then make sure to pick up a bunch or two at the farmer’s market on Saturday. Max Morningstar is bringing copious amounts down from the Copake area in his van (which should smell pretty pungent by theContinue Reading


Hmm. Not so much. I’ve put my winter coat in storage twice now only to pull it out again. Ditto for the hat and gloves. I’m craving ramps, garlic scapes and asparagus…but in a hot preparation, please! This recipe for a spring vegetable ramen fits the bill. Not only does it call for shiitake mushrooms (YES GARY THE MUSHROOM MAN ISContinue Reading

Help! I need somebody…not just anybody…

….to help run the Hastings Farmer’s Market. The market is thriving and we need a (paid) assistant to help us manage our growth. We are looking for an outgoing person who is able to work most Saturdays during the market season (June through November) to assist with everything from deciding where the vendors go to Continue Reading

The Hastings Farmer’s Market is HIRING…and Bone Broth

dear shoppers, How have I been surviving these bitter cold temps? I’ve had a vat of bone broth simmering on my stove-top for a couple of days now. The constant aromatic simmer alone warms up this drafty house. And whenever I feel a chill coming on, I pour myself a shot. I’ve been doing theContinue Reading

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Please park at the train station. Free parking on Saturdays and "granny carts" are available, courtesy of the farmer's market. No early birds!

Kohlrabi and Carrot Slaw