dear shoppers, When we kiss summer goodbye, the steaks & burgers kiss the grill. So it’s been for generations. But why not shake things up this holiday weekend by grilling some of the flappingly-fresh fish our favorite fishmonger brings to market each week? Afraid to grill fish? You’re not alone. Will it fall apart ifContinue Reading

Watermelon…summer’s IT fruit!

dear shoppers, Want to know how to stretch out summer? Buy a large watermelon at the market tomorrow and enjoy it every day of the week. It’s as versatile as it is sweet – you can use it any thing from savory salads, to gazpacho to cocktails. And, nothing beats gnawing on a slice onContinue Reading

REALLY looking forward to the market tomorrow…

dear shoppers, I went to the Farmer’s Market in beautiful Steamboat Springs Colorado last Saturday and guess what I bought? Jalapeno jam (yum) and…earrings! Indeed it was easier to find a jeweler or other crafter than a farmer or even a tomato or head of lettuce. (Thankfully, my sister’s garden vegetable beds are thriving). And,Continue Reading

this week at the market…

Shishito peppers are here and I couldn’t be happier. This Japanese variety of pepper, a close cousin of the Spanish padron, is tiny and lightweight, but is  packed full of interesting flavor. It also makes for a quick and easy appetizer that never disappoints. You don’t even have to bother de-stemming the peppers, just  rinseContinue Reading

CORN on the COB and Lavender Peach Pops…

dear shoppers, Someone in my family is having her braces taken off today. Naturally, we’re having corn on the cob this weekend. Lucky for us, the corn at the market is just AWESOME right now. And I do mean that literally – Morgiewicz Produce is bringing a variety of bi-color corn that is aptly named,Continue Reading

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Please park at the train station. Free parking on Saturdays and "granny carts" are available, courtesy of the farmer's market. No early birds!

Riverrun Trio

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