Hello from our new Assistant Market Manager

dear shoppers,

Have you noticed a new face at the market? Perhaps selling you a t-shirt or announcing the start of kids’ yoga? Maybe even with an 11-month old strapped to her back? That new face is me-Angelines. I started two months ago as the Assistant Market Manager and it’s been the most fun and delicious two months of my life.

I’ve been a market shopper for years-ever since I moved back from California. Even though I live 20 minutes away in the Bronx, the Hastings market drew me north with it’s perfectly curated selection of vendors, festival-stage musicians, and town-square vibe. Last year I noticed a sign at the market tent asking for volunteers. I wasn’t in position to last summer- I was a little busy with a 2 year old and a newborn-but the desire to give back to a market that gives so much to my family stayed with me. Checking the website in April for volunteer opportunities, I saw Pascale’s job posting and here I am.

Working at the market every Saturday I see firsthand how important our volunteers are in making the market run smoothly. They help unload the trucks and vans so that by the 8:30 opening bell the strawberry rhubarb pie from Pie Lady & Son is unpacked, the gorgeous Tiny Hearts Farm bouquets are arranged, and Kontoulis’ Olive Oil is ready to refill your bottles. Our volunteers staff vendors’ tables so that they get a few minutes to shop. Volunteers sell our cute and cozy t-shirts (more have been ordered!). They do all the little things that make our market special and attract people, like me, from far beyond Hastings’ border.

The summer has been hard for us with a few of our dedicated volunteers moving away. That leaves us with some critical volunteer openings. Maybe you could fill them? We just need you for two hours a month (more if you can spare.) You’re at the market anyway, why not hang out and help out? If you’re interested in learning more or are ready to sign up shoot us an email or stop by the market tent tomorrow.

See you at the market!


P.S. They say eyes are the windows to the soul…For me it’s food. To know who I am take a peek into my pantry and my pot. Usually you’ll find beans-lots of them! It’s a staple in Panama where my family is from. Grab some black beans from Brooklyn Bean this Saturday and try this classic Panamanian recipe.

A note from Pascale:

We have a packed house of vendors this week including two guest vendors…Itsa Pizza Truck, another roving pizza oven on wheels, will be parked in the street at the southern entrance of the market.

image-32Little Bird Cookie Company, based in Pelham, is also visiting. Jessica Solomon prepares small batch  cookies  like Mexican Hot Chocolate,  Lemon Ginger, Cardamom Coconut, and Lavender.

Honey Locust is also here – last time we spoke she was jarring comb honey – the healthiest, purest honey you can buy. Speaking of healthy – Erin of Wildseed Apothercary, is bringing her panoply of herbal tinctures and ointments and BITTERS.

Her all natural bug spray is a summer staple at my house and her vitality tonic has gotten me through this week of moving.

Duck fat, Red Jacket Juices and Dough Nation Pizza… Huzzah!

dear shoppers, So, we are moving.  NEXT week! To another house in Hastings. This requires some serious menu planning. We don’t, obviously, want to shlep food – especially frozen food – from one house to the next. Our plan is to eat our way through the fridge and freezer by early next week. The girlsContinue Reading

Basil Schmazel – you can make pesto out of anything!

dear shoppers, It happens to me every year about this time when the local greens come roaring in. At the site of all those the crates brimming at market, I get a tad over-ambitious about how many greens my family can consume in a week. By Thursday I have two options: make juice or makeContinue Reading

From Farm to Grill

dear shoppers, Why do I love living in Hastings? Because a friend of a dear friend just dropped off a giant tub of sour cherries from her backyard in my entryway, thinking I could use them. How sweet is that? Actually sour cherries aren’t sweet at all which is why, like rhubarb, they are soContinue Reading

Grass-fed beef, Bien Cuit baguettes and summer squash….

dear shoppers, Did you see the green and yellow squash that Taliaferro Farms brought to market last week? I was inspired to dig up this old recipe for a  summer squash gratin with salsa verde and gruyere from Food52, a hearty crowd pleaser that goes well with grilled meats. Matt Saldano of Southtown Farms will be bringingContinue Reading



Please park at the train station. Free parking on Saturdays and "granny carts" are available, courtesy of the farmer's market. No early birds!


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