Plant Starters and Strawberries! Summer season is here..

With a high of 71, tomorrow will much cooler-perfect for strolling the market and the Village of Hastings On Hudson -wide tag sale.  It’s also perfect planting weather. New vendor Homegrown Nurseries will make the first of their limited visits with an array of unique starter plants like ground cherries, San Marzano tomatoes, yarrow and more. Homegrown is a small, Lyndhurst Mansion-based nursery that specializes in sustainably grown heirloom and open pollinated vegetables, herbs, and antique flowers unavailable elsewhere. Scroll below to see what they’re bringing tomorrow.

Since there is no market next weekend, stock up on your holiday bbq needs. Mangalitsa by Mosefund is bringing bacon burgers,Farm Eats will have juicy steaks, and Southtown Farms is ready with coolers full of cut-up chicken. Stone & Thistle Farm will have sausage and Wil Hi Farm has ground lamb for a interesting addition to your burger line-up.

Peanut Principle is back from their long winter break with the full line-up of gourmet nut butters.

Sadly, tomorrow will also be the last day for two beloved vendors. Both NY Chup and Taiim Shack Mobile will be at the market for the last time this Saturday. Stock up on hand-crafted ketchup and hummus while you have the chance.

See you at the market!

p.s. Pick up for rain barrels and composting bin will be at Zinsser from 9-1.

Homegrown Nurseries Transplant List

Crop – Variety
Bean Jacob’s Cattle
Bean Provider
Bean Royal Burgundy

Bean Sunset Runner Bean
Celery Tango
Corn Painted Mountain
Cucumber Armenian
Cucumber Lemon
Cucumber Little Leaf
Cucumber Marketmoore 76
Cucumber Mexican Sour Gerkin
Cucumber Miniature White
Cucumber National Pickling
Dill Bouquet
Eggplant Black Beauty
Eggplant Little Finger
Eggplant New York Improved
Eggplant Ping Tung
Eggplant Rosa Bianca
Forget-Me-Not Firmament
Ground Cherry Aunt Molly’s

Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson
Lettuce Breen
Lettuce Green Oakleaf
Lettuce Jericho@
Lettuce Landis Winter
Lettuce Red Saladbowl
Lettuce Speckled Amish Butterhead
Lettuce Tennis Ball Lettuce
Lettuce Tom Thumb
Marigold Red Marietta
Mustard Giant Red
Mustard Golden Frills
Pepper, Hot Aji Amarillo
Pepper, Hot Biquino
Pepper, Hot Buena Mulata
Pepper, Sweet Bull Nose
Pepper, Sweet Buran
Pepper, Sweet California Wonder
Pepper, Hot Early Jalapeno
Pepper, Sweet Jimy Nardello’s
Pepper, Sweet King of the North
Pepper, Hot Orange Habanero

Pepper, Hot Early Jalapeno

Pepper, Sweet Jimy Nardello’s
Pepper, Sweet King of the North
Pepper, Hot Orange Habanero
Pepper, Sweet Petit Marseillais
Pepper, Hot Pippin’s Fish
Pepper, Sweet Ruby King
Pepper, Sweet Shishito
Petunia Blue Wave
Petunia Old Vining Petunia
Petunia Tidal Wave
Spinach Abundant Bloomsdale
Tomato Amish Paste
Tomato Arkansas Traveler
Tomato Black Cherry
Tomato Blondkopfchen
Tomato Brandywine
Tomato Cherokee Green
Tomato Costaluto Genovese
Tomato Dr. Lyle
Tomato German Pink
Tomato German Johnson
Tomato Great White
Tomato Green Zebra
Tomato Jaune Flamme
Tomato King Humbert

Tomato Krim, Black
Tomato Mortgage Lifter
Tomato New Yorker
Tomato Nineveh
Tomato Paul Robeson
Tomato Plate de Haiti
Tomato Purple, Cherokee
Tomato Red Callabash
Tomato Roughwood Golden Plum
Tomato San Marzano
Tomato Speckled Roman
Tomato Striped German
Tomato Sungold
Tomato Yellow Brandywine
Tomato Yellow Pear
Yarrow White
Kale Lacinato
Kale Red Russian
Kale Scarlet
Beet Chioggia Guardsmark
Beet Bull’s Blood
Beet Detriot Dark Red

Only market before Valentine’s Day-tomorrow in the Community Center

Tomorrow is the first market of February and the only one in Hastings before Valentines’ Day. Get your shopping done early- avoid an after-work run to the gas station! Honey Locust Farm will visit again with her eclectic line of teas, jams, and more. Nancy is bringing her signature raspberry jam with dark chocolate. Spread it on a croissant… Continue Reading

First Winter Market of the Season-We’re still outside!

Tomorrow is the first Winter Market- we are still outside in the Library Parking lot. We’ll have many of our long-time vendors and some new ones who are testing the market waters during the leaner season. We hope to see you tomorrow-just make sure to bundle up. Westchester superstar Polpettina is popping by with their mobile pizza oven-… Continue Reading

Thank you for a wonderful 2016 Summer Market season

Thank you shoppers from Hastings and beyond for another banner season.The market would also like to thank the Hastings-on-Hudson Public Library and Hastings Police Department for sharing their space with us. To the residents of Maple Avenue, thank you for your patience and cooperation in helping us bring healthy, locally-farmed and produced foods to the community. A happy, peaceful holiday… Continue Reading

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Please park at the train station. Free parking on Saturdays and “granny carts” are available, courtesy of the farmer’s market. No early birds!








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Please park at the train station. Free parking on Saturdays and "granny carts" are available, courtesy of the farmer's market. No early birds!


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