New Coffee Vendor, Asian Farmer Dumplings is BACK and…get your kebab on this Fourth of July!

I am so happy to announce that Big Bang Coffee of Peekskill is joining our market. Owner Elina Dart was a Westchester and NYC coffee-house devotee as a teenager which led her to eventually work on a coffee farm in Kona, Hawaii. Eventually, after years of research, travel and coffee tasting, she started her own roastery back in New York, located in an old hat factory in Peekskill. Elina uses only fair-trade organic coffee and will be offering hot and iced coffee as well as coffee beans. They will be located right at the top of the top of the stairs every week, starting this holiday weekend. Please give them a warm Hastings welcome.
Asian Farmer Dumplings – is returning for the summer and will be here every OTHER week…starting this Saturday. Their pork and vegetarian dumplings are light and bright and made with local ingredients. They became a mid-week dinner staple of many a household in the Rivertowns last year and we are so glad to have them back.
That’ s all well and good but it is your patriotic duty to grill this weekend. But what to grill? Jane doesn’t eat red meat and your brother is dating a vegetarian. Mom only eats fish. Make a variety of kebabs. They’ll help you satisfy everyone’s culinary preferences – and you can make them in advance…so you can focus on things like cocktails and coleslaw. Kebabs have evolved quite a bit since the 70s when they were all about bell peppers and onions. Here are some useful tips for getting them right from (hint: the secret is in the marinade as in with these Burmese chicken wing kebabs). Or try these grilled soy and Dijon mustard swordfish kebabs from Food52.
It’s not a backyard bbq without coleslaw. With Morgiewicz and Sun Sprout bringing their gorgeous carrots and cabbage and Neversink’s stretch French radishes and Taliaferro’s baby kale (bagged and cleaned, yay!) this would be a good weekend for market slaw. Try this no mayo bright coleslaw recipe from
Samosa Shack is here for their once a month visit. Please try their special Chard Channa Masala samosa this week. Also, Mariachi Mexico will be making quesadillas plazera this weekend: hand-pressed corn tortillas filled with caramelized onion and chiltepin roasted cauliflower,  as well as tacos de chile poblano and peppers filled with spinach and goat cheese. And, Red Jacket Juices are BACK!
See you at the market!

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