spring has most definitely sprung

dear shoppers,

Come April I eat green. I like my pasta green, my soups green and my juices green. With all due respect to the ruby red, or sunset-orange beet, come spring, I like my salads primarily green too.

After this execrable winter, I’m craving green more than ever: parsley pesto, chimichurri sauce, wilted spinach, baby cress, grilled asparagus. Bring on the chlorophyl.

You should find lots of gorgeous greens at the market tomorrow. Our Farmers are finally able to harvest without their puffy coats, hats and gloves and what they are bringing to market is simply ethereal: pea shoots, petite carrots, arugula and delicate spinach. This is a good time of year to make orzo or risotto dishes that beautifully showcase all that spring has to offer.

Here’s a NYT recipe for health for orzo with parsley pesto with peas. If I were you, I’d add some shrimp from Pura Vida to the mix. Or serve with a delicate boudin blanc from Gaia’s Breath farm.

Kontoulis Olive Oil is at the market tomorrow with her precious green olive oil from Messinia. And, fans of Calcutta Kitchens will be happy to know Aditi Goswani is returning to the market with her Indian simmer sauces. (Yes, one of them is green.)

Also visiting us tomorrow is the Saratoga Cracker Co. They sell hand-shaped, rustic crackers in flavors like Spicy Parmesan, Rosemary & Olive and Kale. (Not green).

If you haven’t tried the mushrooms from Wiltbank Farm, pick up a basket this weekend. They are delicious in omelets, pasta, with steak or as a lamb burger or homemade pizza topping.

Penny Lick Ice Cream is celebrating its first full year in business tomorrow. The first 100 people to wish ice cream-maker Ellen Sledge will get a special anniversary gift  (I’m guessing push-pop?). Congrats Ellen! We are very proud to be the market where your cart got its start.

Finally, Brooklyn Bean will be making burritos – a breakfast (with scrambled eggs and grilled peppers/onions) and a lunch (shredded romaine, cabbage and pickled red onion). Both will be filled with their black bean burgers as well as Oaxacan-style cheese, crema and salsa. Verde, natch.

See you at the market!


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Orzo with Peas and Parsley Pesto


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