Brrrrr: Make pierogi!

dear shoppers,

That’s right…we are honoring Sophie Morgiewicz’ Polish roots this week. The feisty, white-haired matriarch behind Morgiewicz Produce will be marching down Fifth Avenue tomorrow in the 78th Annual Pulaski Day Parade – as the official Marshal for Orange County, where she farms and lives.

As most of you know Sophie is proud of her polish heritage, is an avid Polka dancer, and loves parades. She is beyond tickled about this huge honor and rightfully so.

The annual parade, which begins at 12:30 p.m. celebrates Polish-American businesses and leaders and honors General Casimir Pulaski, a Revolutionary War hero.

Not sure if she will make it to market tomorrow or she’ll be too busy getting fitted for her sash but make sure to congratulate her when you see her next. Or, better yet – head to the parade and wave to her from the crowd of onlookers wearing a Hastings Farmer’s Market t-shirt.

Long live Polonia!

I was thrilled to find this pierogi recipe which calls for onions (of course, they should be Morgiewicz Black Dirt onions) and mushrooms (yes, Wiltbank Farm is here tomorrow) and yogurt (ditto for Sohha).

Also at market this week, Hudson River Apiaries for  all your honey needs, and Chrstiane’s Backstube, celebrating all things sweet and Austrian: Apfelstreusel (Apple Crumble) and Zwetschgendatschi (Plum “Cake”) made with local Italian plums and. Linzer Squares made with Tierra Farm Organic Hazelnuts. She will also be bringing Vanillekipferln (Almond Crescents) and other cookies.

Hastings Station Cafe will not be there but the former French Press Cafe will be brewing hot coffee (and selling their empanadas, too).

See you at the market!


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Please park at the train station. Free parking on Saturdays and "granny carts" are available, courtesy of the farmer's market. No early birds!




Potato, Mushroom, & Carmelized Onion Pierogi


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